Echo of the Planet - the radio for everyone!
The history of our radio

New Horizons Radio Corp together with Echo of the Planet Radio combine to create a powerful force in the Russian speaking community of Chicago. Hundreds of thousands of Russian speaking citizens of Chicago tune in everyday to hear news, music and advertisements in their native tongue. We also sponsor many cultural events and concerts that draw these people together.

Our radio stations reach as far north as Kenosha, WI; as far south as 145th; and as far west as St. Charles. Meaning that we cover ALL of the Chicago metro area, which has hundreds of thousands of Russian speaking people.

Many of our advertisers have found it very beneficial to advertise with the Russian speaking population, they are wealthy and are very good consumers.

We have many different advertising packages to fit your budget and wants. We recommend that you take advantage of them, and watch your business grows.Our Broadcast has evolved and the content is diverse so that our audience receives the latest Russian and European news, as well as balanced political commentary and observations.  We regularly feature the opinions and advice of local professionals and experts including attorneys, doctors, financial analysts and other experts.  The content of our programming includes broadcasts dedicated to music, art, politics and history.Join us in our fun, relaxing environment featuring the quality programming you know and love!New Horizons Radio – Echo of the Planet is always sensitive to the moods and events that take place within our multicultural, Russian-speaking population.